People themselves envy me, Janat Mirza

Pakistan’s number one tick talk star Janat Mirza’s younger sister Alishba Anjum also got 10 million followers on tick tack.

Following in the footsteps of elder sister Janat Mirza , Tick Tucker Alashaba Anjum’s video sharing app Tick Tick has got 10 million followers.

After receiving this award, Alashaba Anjum has become the fourth ticker of Pakistan with 10 million followers on tick tack.

Congratulating her on the success of her younger sister, Janat Mirza shared a screenshot of Alishba Anjum’s tick talk account in her Instagram story.

Sharing a screenshot in Insta Story, Janat Mirza addressing his sister said, “Congratulations on completing 10 million followers.”

Janat Mirza wrote, “My sister, keep moving forward like this.”

If you take a look at Alashaba Anjum’s Tik Tak account, she has uploaded several videos so far which have received millions of likes.

It should be noted that Pakistan’s number one tick talk star is Janat Mirza who is currently followed by more than 11 million users on tick tack, followed by Kanwal Aftab who has more than 10 million followers on tick tack and at number three. Zulqarnain is Alexander.

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